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  1. SELECT ps.Emplid, ps.Expr1 , ps.Person_First_Name , ps.Person_Last_Name, clt.Class_Section , clt.Component, clt.Course_Topic_ID, clt.Subject, clt.Catalog_Nbr, clt.Class_Desc, cm.Facility_ID, cm.Class_Start_Time, cm.Class_End_Time, cm.Days, cm.Class_Start_Date, cm.Class_End_Date, cm.Monday, cm.Tuesday, cm.Wednesday, cm.Thursday, cm.Friday, cm.Saturday, cm.Sunday FROM F_Class_Instructor AS ci JOIN D_Class_Table AS clt ON ci.Strm_Class_DKey = clt.Strm_Class_DKey JOIN D_PERSON_PS AS ps ON ci.Person_Key = ps.Person_Key JOIN F_Class_Meeting_Pattern AS cm ON cm.Strm_Class_DKey = clt.Strm_Class_DKey AND cm.Crse_Strm_DKey = clt.Crse_Strm_DKey WHERE cm.Facility_ID LIKE 'MS 119' AND ci.Instructor_Role = 'PI' AND ci.Schedule_Print_Instructor = 'Y' AND clt.Term = '2173' ORDER BY cm.Class_Start_Time ASC

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